Friday, August 7, 2009

GTA IV - Logging On Misson FIX - SOLVED

Grand Theft Auto IV - Mission 'Logging On' Problem/Error

When on Logging On mission , I went to the Internet cafe. When I approached to the pc, the screen did show press E to use computer. But I pressed E nothing happened. Niko still stand there and do nothing . I did try all the pc in the shop.

Fix/ Solution

1) Install GTA IV Patch
2) Installl GTA IV Patch over it.
3) Voila U r done, now try playing.
I tried a lot, googled it many times but finally i found it myself.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Quick SMS v3 - Full Version will be delayed.

Hi dear friends, i'm working on with the full release of Quick SMS v3 after its BETA release. The full version consisting of new gateway with much more speed in sending SMS. Check It Out. The final version release will be delayed due to some gateway problems.

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