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Create Table without using mouse and menus

Do you know It-s possible create Table without using mouse and menus in MS word and Outlook. Here its that…
Type the content (+--+---+--+) in Microsoft Word and press Enter. One row of a table will be created and for more rows you can press TAB.
Step 1:
+----+------ --+-----+
Step 2: (After pressing Enter having the cursor at the last -+-Result will be like the below one)

Step 3: (press TAB to create more Rows)

In this ' + ' represents the column borders and ' - ' represents the length of the each column. Just try this...

Recover / Reset WordPress Admin Password

For some reason, people have trouble with this, I don't know why - I never have.
They either don't get the e-mails, or the password doesn't seem to reset, or it resets and because they don't get the e-mail they can't get the activation link, or they don't have access to the database, or so on and so on and so on.
Tired of all of those posts I decided there had to be a simpler way. Enter this totally insecure script, emergency.php
screenshot of emergency.php
emergency.php does 2 things: It allows you to change your WordPress blog administrator password and it sends off an e-mail to the blog administrator, letting them know, once it's been changed, what's happened.
It does not require that you be logged in. It only requires that you have the ability to upload the file to your server, and that you know the current WordPress administrator's username. Hint: That's usually admin.
I've made an alternative version available for users of WordPress 2.0 that have trouble with the other regular version.
Specific Instructions:
  1. Unpack the zip.
  2. Upload emergency.php to the root of your WordPress install (the same directory that contains wp-config.php)
  3. Open in your favorite browser.
  4. Follow the simple instructions.
  5. When you are done, delete emergency.php off your server. Do not leave it up for someone else to come along and use.
Download emergency.php for WordPress 2.2.x and 2.3.x
Emergency for WordPress
MD5 Checksum: 5a0c13f563484bd0364ee0f62ae2d4cb
Download the alternative emergency.php for WordPress 2.0.x users that have trouble with the above version!
Emergency for WordPress.
MD5 Check

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Use of CC: and BCC: in Mail

When sending emails to lists, it is important that you use what is called "Blind Carbon Copying (BCC)." Instead of using the box in your email program that says "To," use the one that says "BCC." Why? This hides the recipients email addresses from eachother.

Using Blind Carbon Copying is important for the following reasons:

Using BCC respects the privacy of your contacts. Today I received an email that was sent to hundreds of people, and the sender did not use BCC. Now, every individual who received it has my email address, even though I do not know most of the people on the list. This has occured 4 times in the last 3 days, which is why I am writing this article.

Email lists (especially chain emails) that do not use BCC are contributing to spam. Imagine you send 1 email to 1 friend. That friend forwards your email to 10 different people, and those 10 forward to another 10. None of them use BCC, and now 100 people have your email address. The minute a spammer gets ahold of this, you're on their list, even though you only sent an email to one person! You definitely don't want that. BCC prevents this kind of disease-like spreading of your email to people you don't want to have it.

BCC prevents unintentionally "Replying to All." Have you ever accidentally hit the "Reply to All" and sent your reply out to all recipients, even though you only wanted to reply to the sender? This can be embarrassing, and sometimes even damaging. If the author of the email uses BCC, this is not an issue.
BCC prevents disclosure of who you are sending to. Not only does BCC protect your recipients, it also protects you. In many cases, you don't want everyone to know who you sent the email to.
There are other reasons to use BCC, and if you can think of them, post them in the comments.
In most email clients, the BCC field is very apparent and obvious. While in a new message in AOL's web mail, click BCC. In Gmail and Yahoo Mail!, click add BCC. In Hotmail, click Show Cc & Bcc.
In Outlook and Outlook express, it's not so obvious but turning it on is a one-time event.
To activate the BCC field in Outlook Express, create a new message and choose View, All Headers.
To activate the BCC field in MS-Outlook, create a new message and choose View, BCC.
Lotus Notes - the BCC field is right there. Nothing to "turn on", no hoops to jump through, just use it!
When is using the TO: box OK?

You obviously should use the TO: box if you are sending to one person.

At times, it is completely appropriate to use the TO: box when sending to multiple addresses.

If you intend for a discussion to occur, then each participant must know who else is part of the dialog. However, this should be done only if you are sure that each recipient does not have a problem with their email being shared with the others on the list.
Use TO: if you must explicitly show to whom the email was sent. This is often the case in organizations and businesses.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Increase uTorrent Speed

uTorrent is a powerful and efficient BitTorrent client for Windows.
In this post i show you how to increase uTorrent speed upto 70% in just 6 easy steps.

Lets get started...

If you don't have Utorrent, Get it from here...

Open it up and follow these Screenshots.

1. First go to main screen,Slect the torrent what you want to download

2.Go to Options then Preferences

3.Go to Advanced

If anything here is below 80, Change the values to 80.

Please follow the Screenshoots

4.Click Ok ! Again go to Prefernces and then BitTorrent
change the value as shown in figure

Click Ok !!

5.Then Right click the file like i did with the one in Utorrent and go to Bandwidth Allocation Set at High

6.Then Right Click on logger click on Log Peer Traffic

That is it, You have just tweaked the speed of Utorrent by 70%!

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