Monday, January 26, 2015

Passage of COSMOS 2082 over Thiruvananthapuram KERALA INDIA

Below is the image of passage of COSMOS-2082 over Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala (INDIA) captured on 24th January 2015

Satellite Details

Spacetrack catalog number 20625
COSPAR ID 1990-046-B
Name in Spacetrack catalog SL-16 R/B
Satellite Details
Orbit 833 x 854 km, 71.0°
Category Rocket body
Country/organisation of origin Russia
Intrinsic brightness (Magnitude) 2.7 (at 1000km distance, 50% illuminated)
Maximum brightness (Magnitude)1.9 (at perigee, 100% illuminated)
Date (UTC) 22 May 1990 05:14
Launch siteBaikonur Cosmodrome,
Launch vehicle Zenit-2
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