Monday, June 14, 2010

Steps for creating a course in Docebo LMS

DOCEBO - Learning Management System - How to create a course ?

This is a bit tricky part for a new docebo user.

First you need to create a course.

   1. Login as admin and go into the Admin Area.
   2. From the top menu, go Elearning -> Elearning -> Course Management
   3. Give your new course a code and a name and for the moment leave everything else as is.
   4. Click on Create at the bottom right of the page (you’ll need to scroll down).

To be able to add content to the course, you’ll need to attribute yourself as a user

   1. Click on the symbol which pops up with the text “Enroll users in this course” (a little teacher with a green plus sign).
   2. Choose a  user who can be the lecturer or teacher to the course then click Confirm.
   3. Choose Instructor for the selected user and click Subscribe User.

Now that the selected user has became the teacher/instructor of the course,

   1. Login as the instructor/teacher user
   2. Select the course you just created.
   3. Click Enter or Subscribe if you have not subscribed.
   4. You can see the Teacher Area tab is now visible there on the left.
   5. Click Admin Learning Object
   6. Start adding your content
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