Friday, July 2, 2010

Quick Online Web Developer Tools

1. GoingUp!

GoingUp! is a free web-based web analytic tool that comes with
powerful SEO features. The web application tracks (almost) every
activity on your website and presents data nicely with charts,
heatmaps, flags (for countries), etc in an Ajaxed interface. Besides,
the web app also comes with several free SEO features including keyword
position tracking, Alexa Rank tracking, as well as keyword density
tool. You need to signup before using some of these features but
registration is completely free.

Visit GoingUp! online, click here.

2. Icon Finder

It’s no secret that web desginers nowadays do not create all icons
from scratch. There are infinite amount of free icons available on
Internet and it’s a waste not to leverage these free resources. But
with billions of these free icons comes another problem – searching and
sorting these tiny images become a time-consuming job. Luckily we have
tool like Icon Finder – an icon search engine that helps collect and
categorize various icons. At this time of writing, Icon Finder keeps
more than 150,000 icons in their database – which is not a lot but I am
sure the figures will keep growing.

Visit Icon Finder online, click here.

3. IE NetRender

IE NetRenderer allows you to check how a website is rendered by
Internet Explorer 7, 6 or 5.5, as seen from a high speed datacenter
located in Germany. Just type in a URL in the field above and you can
check your webpage deisgn compatibility for free!

Visit IE NetRender online, click here.

4. Eric’s Color Blender

What Eric’s Color Blender does is exactly like the name refers – it
blends two colors together in various proportions and creates up to ten
different colors shades. I like the simplicity and efficiency of the
tool and it’s definitely one of biggest time-saver for me.

Visit Eric’s Color Blender online, click here.

5. Google Chart Tools

Google is everywhere on the Internet nowadays and this include
charting tool. The Google Chart Tools allows you dynamically generate
charts with a URL string, where it can be embed in a web page. A chart gallery was recently included in the Google website and users who are interested with this tool should take a look.

Visit Google Chart Tools online, click here.

6. TraceWatch

Looking for free web statistic tool but don’t want Google
Analytics? Well then you should check out TraceWatch. TraceWatch is a
free website analytics tool that works in real-time. The application
has everything for in-depth web stats analysis including real time
details on Unique Visitors, New Visitors, Sessions, Page Views, Hourly
and Weekday Distribution, Robot Page Views, Average Pview/Visitor,
Average UVisitor/Day, Average PView/Day, Average UVisitor/Hour, Average
PView/Hour, Robots Hits, Browser Types, Locations, etc etc.

Visit TraceWatch online, click here.

7. DIY Chart

DIY Chart is a simple but yet powerful online tool that helps create
interactive charts and graphs. Some webmasters might be turned-off by
the needs of registering an account but I believe the rich features of
this web tool deserve every second you spend on filling up the
registration form. At this time of writing, DIY Chart offers a wide
range of chart types including Coulmn, Stacked Column, Bar, Stacked
Bar, Area, Stacked Area, Pie, Doughnut, Pyramid, Funnel, Point, Bubble,
Line, Range, Combination, CandleStick, Stock, Radar and Polar (isn’t
that massive?).

Visit DIY Chart online, click here.

8. Feng Office

Feng Office (formerly known as OpenGoo) is a web office that helps
manage, collaborate, and organize your web projects online. What’s
special about it is that this web tool comes with its own email
functionality and the GUI is very responsive. Unfortunately good things
don’t come free – Feng Office is quite pricey but you can always sign
up for a free trial.

Visit Feng Office online, click here.

9. FreshBooks

Most web developers are not good (or simply not interested) at
managing business finances and tracking down payments. In fact, who
likes boring book keeping jobs? Fortunately, there are plenty of online
tools that can help. FreshBooks, for instance, is a very popular web
application for book keeping (eg. invoicing, expenses tracking,
quotations, etc). This tool is free for those who are managing less
than 3 clients but anything above that will cost you $14 to $149 per

Visit FreshBooks online, click here.

10. Color Hunter

Color Hunter is a handy tool that helps find and make color palettes created from images (via URL or a simple search term).

Visit FreshBooks online, click here.

11. TYNT (Tracer)

TYNT (perviously known as Tracer) is a free web-based service that
tracks what’s being copied from your website. Tracer is a cool tool to
fight copycats and would recommend it if there’re a lot of competitors
stealing your web content.

Visit TYNT online, click here.

12. BrowserShots

BrowserShots is a popular tool that allows you to preview your web page in more than 70 versions of browsers.

Visit BrowserShots online, click here.

13. FormSite

FormSite is one of the earliest HTML form builder online. The
website was established in 1998 and there are over 100 pre-built forms
intheir database. FormSite is quite generous to their free account
users – you can create up to 5 forms with 50 items and 10 results in
each of the forms for free.

Visit FormSite online, click here.

14. WuFoo

WuFoo is a HTML form builder helps you create contact forms, online
surveys, and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and
online payments you need without writing a single line of code. WuFoo
is a little pricey compare to the other two form builder tools listed
here – The free account allows only one form, and the paid package
starts at $14.95/mo.

Visit WuFoo online, click here.

15. Picnik

(Do you really need me to introduce Picknik? Well okay.) Picnik is
a popular, easy to use, and powerful set of photo editing tools for
editing, sharing and printing images. The free tool is integrated with
a wide variety of websites like Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, Flickr,
Yahoo! Mail and Photobucket. The website has just been acquired by
Google recently (read official blogpost on March 1st, 2010).

Visit Picnik online, click here.

16. Variable Grid System

The variable grid system is a quick way to generate an underlying CSS grid (based on 960 Grid System) for your site.

Visit Variable Grid System online, click here.

17. FontStruct

Building or tweaking a font style is sometimes part of the web
designing job. If you do not have a proper font-building software
installed, it’s time for you to have a look at FontStruct. FontStruct
is a free font-building tool that lets you quickly and easily create
fonts constructed out of geometrical shapes, which are arranged in a
grid pattern.

Visit FontStruct online, click here.

18. CSS Menu Builder

CSS Menu Builder helps build (well?) CSS Menu. The free tool comes with
more than 1,000 pre-designed menu combinations and I believe anyone who
wish to build a CSS menu instantly should check them out.

Visit CSS Menu Builder online, click here.

19. STC Font Browser

STC Font Browser is a free tool that enables you to preview font
styles in your browser. The tool is simple to use and it’s very helpful
when you need to choose a font style.

Visit STC Font Browser online, click here.

20. Form Style Web 2.0 Generator

Form Style Web 2.0 Generator is a easy to use, poweful, and yet
completely free of chrage. It generates stylish CSS forms instantly and
definitely belongs in your bookmark list. It’s such a shame that I
missed out this tool in my previos post about web generators (30 Must See Web Generator For Lazy Webmasters).

Visit Form Style Web 2.0 Generator online, click here.

21. Make Text

Okay, Make Text is not a must-have but it’s definitely a fun tool to
use. MakeText does only one thing – it generates random texts (where
web designers will often use it to preview and test their designs).

Visit Make Text online, click here.

22. IceBrrg

Icebrrg helps make all kind of forms – contact forms, registration
Forms, surveys, application forms and personal inventoriestracking
forms. All you need to do is to signup, create a form using their
wizards, and the tool will work everything out on the programming side.
Cool isn’t? However note that the you need to pay if you wish to create
3 forms (price starting from $9/mo).

Visit IceBrrg online, click here.

23. CopyPaste Character

Lazy to code a special character in HTML code? Well, you should.
Because with CopyPaste Character the only key that you need to type is
“ctrl + c” and “ctrl + v”. ;)

Visit CopyPaste Character online, click here.
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