Thursday, September 2, 2010

Firebug v/s Dragonfly

Opera Dragonfly has just been released. Just goto
and check it out now. This is the alpha version of our developer tools,
so be keep in mind that more and more features will come in the future
as well.

Opera Dragonfly is available from Tools/Advanced/Developer Tools, in Opera 9.5 beta 2 and above.

alpha release includes the initial implementation for the JavaScript
Debugger, CSS Inspector, DOM Inspector, Command Line and the Error
Console, as well as the Scope module, which allows Opera Dragonfly to
communicate with the Opera browser. This second alpha in the coming
weeks, will add inline editing support, improved remote debugging,
improved threading in the JavaScript Debugger and infrastructure for

One of the key reasons for the alpha release is
to collect feedback from developers, to gauge how Opera Dragonfly
covers their needs. We will use this feedback to improve Opera
Dragonfly as it moves into beta and then full release.

Feedback can be given at

The Opera Dragonfly blog is at

You can read about the current features at

For more information you can visit

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